How to Choose a Headboard to Complement your Bed

How to Choose a Headboard to Complement your Bed

Have you ever noticed that you can have any type of bed, but the presence of a fantastic headboard can give dimension to the entire bedroom? A headboard creates a visual anchor for the bed, and makes you feel fantastic when you’re inside the bed. From romantic wrought iron headboards, to commanding a presence and ceiling climbing headboards, the options are countless. Depending on the size of your room, height of your ceiling, and your decorative style, choosing a headboard can be an enjoyable experience. Here are tips to find your perfect one.

headboard window e1292796023469 How to Choose a Headboard to Complement your Bed

  • How large is your bedroom: One of the most important factors is how much space do you have for the bed, and headboard.  A king sized bed may fit in your room, but if you add a too tall headboard it will shrink down your space immediately. Try and keep the proportions of your bedroom in mind when choosing a headboard. The larger the room, the larger the headboard can be without swallowing up the room, visually.

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  • What is your décor style in the bedroom: If you prefer a more romantic, airy and light feeling to your bedroom, a minimally detailed headboard with soft curves and soft materials may be for you. If your style is for a more refined sophistication, consider a tufted or upholstered headboard. For more bold lines and masculinity, a sleigh headboard, or rich leather and woods will be an ideal for your décor style choice of headboard.
  • How tall are your ceilings: This seems like an odd question but it is not. Ceilings are a direct contributor to feeling height and spaciousness in your bedroom,. If you’re ceilings are low in your bedroom, stick with headboards that don’t consume the entire height of the wall, and vice versa with tall ceilings. A few exceptions may include, windows which flank both sides of the bed, therefore allowing ample light in and contradicting the height rule with low ceilings.

headboard materials e1292796116478 How to Choose a Headboard to Complement your Bed


  • Get creative with your choice of headboards: While upholstered, wood, and metal headboards are common, they are several ideas that can be used as headboards too. Headboards can be flat decals affixed to the wall behind the bed, or they can be picture framed windows behind the bed. There are no rules when it comes to design of headboards. Re-purpose wood doors, privacy screens or any material that can serve as a backdrop to the pillows and bed. Use the same creativity in kid’s rooms. From a white picket fence to custom made cabinetry, headboards are the showpiece of the bedroom

headboard kids room How to Choose a Headboard to Complement your Bed

Your headboard in your bedroom deserves to have all the functionality and décor style of a piece of furniture. If you’re in the process of designing your bedroom, use these tips above to help guide your decision for a headboard. Furniture catalogs and online stores can give inspiration, while other rooms in your home may be inspiration enough! Keep in mind the scale of your room, ceiling height and décor style and you are on your way to a gorgeous headboard.




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