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Movable walls: Small spaces? No problem. These walls can slide in and out of the action

 By Marie-Judith Jean-Louis , Ottawa Citizen

There's a higher demand for smaller and more affordable condos,  leading to demand for translucent  partitions or sliding walls to  provide privacy in small spaces.

There’s a higher demand for smaller and more affordable condos, leading to demand for translucent partitions or sliding walls to provide privacy in small spaces.


According to a municipal report, residential intensification is booming across the city. It seems the growing population and the increasing appeal for an urban lifestyle are among the key factors contributing to the increasing number of condos popping up on city streets.

One of the consequences of urbanization when mixed with construction and land economics is that the average condo size is shrinking. There’s a higher demand for smaller and more affordable condos among many young, first-time buyers compared to more expensive and larger apartments.

This may explain why new condo developments, such as Central Phase 2 on Bank Street at McLeod, are currently offering condos that max out at 812 square feet.

With such small units, it’s important to keep the space as open as possible to avoid a claustrophobic feeling of living in a confined space. Open concepts with tall ceilings and large windows are elements typically found in these condos, all helping to give the impression of more space.

The problem with open design is the lack of privacy and a lack of clearly defined spaces which, for some people, can be difficult. Fortunately there are solutions.

1. Sliding glass walls.

Sliding glass walls are a combination of the two previous options. They are movable translucent partition walls such as those from the Sliding Door company ( that give the same flexibility as barn doors in terms of concealing a room and the same openness as the translucent partitions which let light through.

2. Translucent walls

The simplest option is to use a translucent partition wall system, including these winners from Starwall ( Although fixed, they can be reconfigured and enable the user to carve up a room without taking up too much visual space.

They can also be equipped with horizontal blinds for added privacy.

3. Sliding barn doors

Barn doors are another great option for small spaces. Acting like moving walls, these large sliding doors enable the user to conceal a room for privacy and open it up to maximize the main space when needed. Phase 1 of Central condo development used barn doors from KN Crowder ( in their condos.

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis, owner of M2JL Studio, teaches interior decorating at La Cité Collégiale and writes a regular blog. Visit her at


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