Position Your Home as the Best on the Block

The Selling Game

For those selling a home this summer, here are several tips on how to get the desired asking price.

Sell Your Home

One of the big keys is curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the home, especially around the front door, can make a home look vastly more attractive to buyers.

Landscaping is also recommended as a freshly mowed lawn, coupled with newly planted or trimmed plants and shrubs, further adds to curb appeal.

On the inside, it’s a good rule of thumb to have all clutter removed and the house well vacuumed and cleaned. Some go the extra mile and install new fixtures in the kitchens and bathrooms, while others repaint walls and countertops with neutral colors. It is also a good idea to check all electrical outlets and replace bulbs where necessary.

Finally, for those homes that are located near a public park or have a nice wooded lot, make sure the agent accentuates those as selling points to potential buyers. And always practice patience in such matters. Selling a home can be time-consuming effort.

Source:  http://www.homesresource.com


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